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  • Betrayal Trauma

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    Betrayal Trauma

    The NeuroWise Clinic supports male or male identifying partners who have experienced intimate betrayal from a spouse or partner.

    It can be difficult to discover your intimate partner has broken your trust or kept secrets. As a male or male identifying person in the relationship you might be more hesitant to reach out for assistance since you are not used to relying on others due to traditional cultural norms or expectations. This can be a lonely and isolating experience, especially when the one relationship you thought you could rely on seems like a fraud.

    Betrayal can cause deep emotional pain and lingering questions about how something like this could have happened or confusion about what happens next. You can even experience symptoms related to trauma such as insomnia, irritability, or intrusive thoughts. In therapy, you can begin to unravel the tangle of emotions and thoughts you are experiencing so you can find a way to heal and step forward into emotional well-being and stability. 

    Other Services-

    Betrayal Trauma Group:

    This group will be offered for men struggling with intimate partner betrayal. Learn to cope with trauma reminders, make empowered decisions, and regain stability in your life and relationships. Group is a safe space to feel supported and gain a sense of community. For more information email [email protected]