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  • Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT)

    Emotional transformation therapy (ETT) is an attachment-based interpersonal therapy used to treat a wide array of mental health issues. Founded by Dr. Steven Vazquez, ETT utilizes multiple techniques based on light frequency and color to decrease the amount of distress people experience. ETT uses a combination of four main components, including: 

    • Psychotherapy
    • Light Therapy
    • Eye movement
    • Brainwave entrainment/disentrainment (similar in some ways to biofeedback)

    The term “emotional transformation” is used to describe this approach because it frequently alleviates emotional distress experienced by an individual within minutes and often produces a positive emotional state as a result. 

    What Does ETT Treat?

    ETT can be used to treat of variety of mental health and related conditions. Including:

    • Anxiety 
    • Depression
    • Trauma symptoms/PTSD
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Compulsive behaviors/Addiction
    • ADHD related symptoms

    For more information about ETT take a look at the following resources: